Connecting Everything, Everywhere

Ubiquiti develops high-performance networking product platforms. Ubiquiti-engineered technology innovations provide superior performance, clever mechanical design, and ease of use.

Software-Defined Networking for the masses.

UniFi is a full Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solution with seamless integration of high-performance access points, high-throughput switching, powerful security gateways and more


  • Managed Networking Solution – 100% License Free.
  • Cloud-based solutions, manage devices from anywhere in the world.
  • Perfect for Home, SMB and Enterprise Deployments.
  • Mobile App Management.

Managed Surveillance

  • Wide variety of cameras.
  • 1080p Full HD.
  • Built-in Infra-Red.
  • Versatile NVR – Hardware and free downloadable software options.


  • Managed Indoor and Outdoor Wi-Fi.
  • Hardware and/or Software Controllers.
  • Wi-Fi 4, Wi-Fi 5, and Wi-Fi 6.
  • 4×4 MU-MIMO.
  • Up to 1500 Simultaneous Connections

Managed Networking

  • PoE and Non-PoE Switching.
  • Routing, firewalling, VPN and so much more.

Experience true AmpliFi, whole-home Wi-Fi

AmpliFi is more than a conventional home router, it’s the ultimate Wi-Fi Mesh system. With turbocharged Wi-Fi, AmpliFi utilises multiple self-configuring radios and advanced antenna technology to bring ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage to any home.

The global standard for wireless connectivity

All managed from a single centralised, license-free platform.

  • The perfect, most versatile PTP and/or PTMP solution for WISPs and private networks.
  • Built on the license-free spectrums of 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
  • Active Radio Frequency Filtering and GPS Synchronisation to eliminate interference.
  • Up to 450Mbps+ Actual Throughput.
  • Up to 20km+ PTMP and 80km+ PTP.
  • License-free hardware and software.
  • Free Software suite to help plan, set up, maintain and keep track of your Network(s)

GPON plug-and-play fibre network solutions

UFiber allows you to build passive optical network deployments with minimal effort and cost.